A public retirement system client of Mosaic wanted to provide its board members with continuing education and training on governance and fiduciary responsibilities as a way to maintain excellence in governance. Although many national industry events provide general education, the executive director believed that bringing training to the board was the higher-value path. In-house education could be customized not only to the system’s operating environment and legal standards but to the level needed by the board. This board was comprised of long-standing trustees that had garnered an excellent reputation for emphasizing and adhering to good governance practices. Mosaic was asked to design and deliver the education to the board and members of the executive staff during a regular board meeting.

The Work

Mosaic worked closely with the executive director and the system’s legal counsels to customize the educational content to reflect the system’s applicable law, policy environment, and topics of recent interest to the board. Our team analyzed the system’s enabling law and governance manual and developed an educational presentation that would not only refresh the board members on the significant provisions of importance but do so within the practical framework of their role in oversight and decision-making. The legal counsels were asked to contribute insights throughout the presentation, showcasing their experience, knowledge, and the value they offered to the board. We also developed and delivered an interactive situational analysis to get board members and staff thinking about and discussing with each other the tenets of good governance and fiduciary responsibility in a nonconventional way.

The Results
Board members reported a high degree of satisfaction with the training session. Beyond being described as engaging, the board appreciated the new perspectives and clarity that were brought out through the discussions. The executive director valued the Mosaic team’s creativity and commitment to meeting and exceeding the intended objectives and delivering them in a way that optimized the experience and knowledge of internal staff and legal counsel.