The professionals comprising our dedicated team have extensive experience strengthening governance effectiveness, both within the US and internationally. We’ve had a front-row seat to how their boards and executives function within their foundational governance structures and practices. We are known not only for our knowledge and expertise, but for the customized, practical approach and care we take with each client. We empower boards to ask the questions that lead to break-throughs, build consensus, and create positive momentum to support a clear path forward. With a unique blend of public and private sector experience, we specialize in particularly challenging and complex governance matters.

Amy McDuffee

Trusted advisor and boardroom confidante, Amy has worked with more than 50 organizations with assets ranging from $700M to more than $300B, earning her high regard as an expert in governance and strategic planning. Learn more about Amy.

Catherine Jackson

Internationally known board effectiveness, sustainable finance, and ESG expert, Catherine advises boards on their most pressing and complex governance matters. Learn more about Catherine.

David Maurek

David brings deep expertise in risk management, compliance, auditing, internal controls, and strategy to advise boards on the fundamentals of effective governance oversight. Learn more about David.

Debra M. Smith

Debra brings strategic planning, leadership development and coaching, compliance, and effective board governance processes with her extensive investment and public pension fund experience. Learn more about Debra.

Saba Hashmi

Saba brings research and analysis expertise to client projects, designing primary research, gathering sentiment, and drawing insights to inform responses to governance challenges. Learn more about Saba.

Eva Berninzoni

Eva supports the consulting team on all facets of client projects, including project management, research administration, client communications, and relationship management. Learn more about Eva.